Flowers carry rich symbolism. They are the colorful sculptures of the natural world. Since the ancient civilizations, artists have depicted flowers in various forms of art and design. These delicate plants change throughout the year. As every flower is slightly different, every painting has its slight variations as well. 

I grew up in Mendoza, Argentina, at the foothills of the Andes mountain range. I lived there with full views of wineries, mountains, and a vivid natural landscape. Nature has always been a focus for me. She is my muse: the trees, the rivers, the natural abundance. When the seasons would change the rolling green hills at the base of the mountains would turn orange and yellow and white with flowers. This not only provided powerful inspiration for my early works but stayed with me throughout my artistic career.

When I was 20 I resettled in Kibbutz Karmia, Again I found myself in a beautiful natural setting where once a year every hill and every field would turn a bright red as the scarlet anemones would blossom. After the rainfalls in February, we would celebrate Darom Adom (Red South) with various festivities in the flower fields

All my life flowers have surrounded me. But not just where I live. When traveling in a city, I always take note of the little white blossom pushing it’s a way through the cracks of a sidewalk, or the aromatic purple bloom hanging gently from the end of a branch. They always say ‘stop and smell the roses,’ I say ‘tread slowly for there are flowers everywhere and you can see all kinds of things.’