Abstract Metal Wall Art

Abstract metal wall art is artwork that incorporates metal cores like alloy, bronze, and gold. The metal elements featured are combined and then attached to the wall. Metal wall art is never used for utility purposes but rather for aesthetics.

Calman Shemi is a prime example of using abstract painting for his artworks. The celebrated artist is known for his various painting techniques on a variety of canvas materials. The bold statement artwork in the house makes the surroundings reflect the medieval castle. It infuses the area with sturdy and stalwart. Calman Shemi has the best abstract metal wall art for purchase, consisting of both the unpainted steely and shiny surface artwork to customized pieces.

One can also go for a 3D multi-faceted and layered artwork that will immediately draw their attention for years to come. The piece’s size will depend on the space available and whether a client wants to combine the artwork with other pieces. Thanks to its juxtaposition of steely metal and warm unpainted wood, it can easily happen.

On the other hand, one can also go for good posters if they aren’t ready to invest in heavy metal for interior decor. The posters can bring a heavy metal canvas with classical fine art prints, where ornaments are also engraved. Below are some of the abstract metal wall art ideas homeowners can go for.

Abstract Metal Wall Art Ideas

These metal pieces are becoming popular due to their universality. The pieces can easily fit any room to draw attention. Here are some abstract metal wall art ideas art collectors can opt for.

Metal Tree Wall Art

One can never go wrong with metal wall tree decorations. Incorporating nature into a home will always leave a warm ambiance – a reason why there are various nature prints, wall hangings, and paintings in many homes.

Going for a metal artwork featuring a tree with a heart shape evokes a romantic feel to a room. Plus, the piece can be put in any part of the room. Artists can adorn the paintings with metal leaves or a branch.

Abstract Metal Wall Sculpture

It has seven rectangles, and the pattern and texture are far from simple. The metals incorporated make the artwork shiny depending on the exposure to lighting. Artists can easily combine various colors like black, gold, copper, and silver.

This makes the artwork attention-grabbing. Additionally, one can add other colors to make the fusion more beautiful. A large one is suitable in the living room, but one can also hang the artwork on an empty bedroom wall. It’s, however, important to ensure collectors don’t overload a wall. If one chooses this wall art, they shouldn’t add another adornment near it.

Copper Infinity, Copper Abstract Metal Wall Art

This is a popular contemporary abstract metal wall art on people’s radar. Artists can easily mesh up with interior decor and modern architecture. The artwork has a unique visual appeal making it a top choice for many interior designers and homeowners.

They incorporate natural elements like wood, stones, and metals, helping artists create a harmonious and calming feeling. It uses an instinctively aluminum alloy creating a warm, relaxing ambiance. With a dazzling effect during the day and track lighting at night, one can notice a dazzling movement and reflection every time one passes by.

Narrow Vertical Metal Wall Art

It adds a visual dimension to a living space, whether in the hallway or bedroom. At first glance, a viewer will notice the glimmering light interacting with the metal as they move around. It can be a great conversation piece as they spend time with family and friends.

The piece has great quality features with easy-to-hang pre-installers that float the artwork 1.5 inches in the air. It comes ready for display so that one can easily enjoy it. The lighting will vary from piece to piece. Quartz halogen, however, is suggested for all paintwork. The pieces will easily move with lighting, creating an attractive three-dimensional appearance.

Rhythmic Curves Metal Wall Art

This is another contemporary art style that’s a fan favorite – fusing perfectly the modern architecture and interior decor with an amazing visual appeal. It uses natural elements like metals, woods, and stones that create new styles that can easily spruce up the whole ambiance of a space.

Seeing the artwork in person will make viewers truly appreciate it. The artwork consists of an amazing hand-sanded and aluminum-painted curve panel that can be mounted on a natural aluminum base. Moreover, it has deeply textured gray ribbon accents. The artwork also has a scratch-clear coat added to it.

Cosmic Energy, Copper Candy

It consists of seven pieces that are hand-sanded and painted. The sweet, bright copper color is inviting and helps one lay down all his mental burdens. These art pieces can raise the viewer’s self-esteem through high vibration, a reason why they are mostly preferred by homeowners.

It can absorb and glow the light around it – sanding and polishing deep flowing textures that reflect and capture light around the surroundings to create subtle movements. A transparent dye is seen under normal conditions; viewers don’t have to add the lighting – plus, it has a clear coating for protection.

Bottom Line

Abstract metal wall artwork can change the ambiance of any living space, making it inviting and attractive to viewers. Art enthusiasts can go for various types of metal wall collectibles.

Calman Shemi‘s Abstract metal wall artwork is truly one of a kind. His bold and modern style is perfect for any contemporary space. Take a look at some of his stunning collections.