Flower Fields Silver -art of Calman Shemi

My World of Abstract Landscapes: A Personal Vision

Calman Shemi paints his artworks

In the realm of abstract landscapes, I navigate a world that is at once familiar and uncharted. My approach to crafting these vistas is less about capturing a scene and more about distilling the essence of place and emotion into a visual language that speaks across cultures and experiences.


Each landscape I create is a synthesis of memory, imagination, and a profound connection to the earth. Born from the vibrant hues of my homeland in Argentina and honed through the meditative calm of my life in the desert, my landscapes are a personal vision—a fusion of the intense and the serene, the chaotic and the harmonious.

As I layer colors and textures, I am guided by an internal compass that seeks balance between the wildness of nature and the structure of artistic form. My abstract landscapes do not replicate the physical world but instead reimagine it. I aim to capture not the image but the breath of the land—the sweep of the wind, the warmth of the sun, the whispers of the grass.

The technique of ‘soft painting’ that I developed allows me to build my landscapes like a composer arranges a symphony. Each textile, each stitch is an integral note contributing to a greater whole. The needle is my brush, the fabrics my palette of paints. Together, they weave a tapestry that is tactile and vibrant, inviting the viewer to step into a world beyond the boundaries of traditional landscapes.

In these abstract realms, the observer is free to wander, to interpret the undulating forms and flowing colors in a way that resonates with their spirit. Some may see echoes of distant mountains or the depths of untamed oceans, while others might feel the warmth of a sunlit field or the cool shadow of a hidden valley. The interpretation is personal, as personal as the process of creation is to me.

My landscapes are more than mere art; they are a dialogue with the viewer, an expression of the universal bond we share with the natural world. They are an invitation to explore not just the canvas before you but also the landscapes within your own heart and soul—a call to embark on a journey of personal discovery through the abstract and the beautiful.

Calman Shemi Artworks


Finding Inspiration in Everyday Life: Calman Shemi’s Approach to Artistic Exploration

Finding Inspiration in Everyday Life: Calman Shemi’s Approach to Artistic Exploration

Transformations in Inspiration: The Evolution of My Abstract Art

As an abstract artist, my art is characterized by using color, form, and texture to create bold and dynamic compositions. As I honed my artistic skills over time, my sources of inspiration have also transformed, adapting and responding to the evolving world around me. In my early work, I drew inspiration from the natural world, capturing the vibrancy and complexity of landscapes and natural forms in my artwork. As I developed as an artist, I began to explore the urban environment, using the grids and lines of the modern city to inform my compositions.

The natural world, with its endless capacity to inspire and surprise, is a constant source of inspiration for me. The vibrant colors of a sunset, the intricate patterns of a leaf, or the intricate beauty of a mountain range are just some examples of what I seek to capture in my artwork.

Similarly, the urban environment has an energy and vibrancy that captivates me. The shapes and patterns of buildings, bridges, and other structures have always fascinated me, and I often incorporate them into my paintings. I am drawn to the grids and lines of the modern urban environment, and I use color and form to capture the sense of movement and dynamism that is so characteristic of the city. I find inspiration in the streets of Tel Aviv or the bustling energy of New York, and I seek to translate this inspiration into my artwork in a way that captures the essence of the city’s unique character.

Calman Shemi paintings Inspiration

Over time, my inspiration expanded beyond the physical world and into music. As an avid music lover, I found that rhythms and melodies often found their way into my paintings, and I began to use color and form to create compositions that captured the energy and emotion of the music. In this way, I found a new source of inspiration that allowed me to push the boundaries of my art and explore new directions. Whether it is the pulsing beat of a rock song or the soaring melody of a symphony, I am constantly inspired by the power of music to evoke feelings and emotions. In my paintings, I seek to create a visual representation of the piece, using color and form to express the energy, movement, and mood of the music in a dynamic and evocative way.

The Beauty of the Unexpected: Finding Inspiration in the Mundane

Inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places. I have always been fascinated by the world around me, whether the natural beauty of a scenic landscape or the gritty streets of an urban environment. As a result, I am constantly searching for new sources of inspiration, and I approach artistic exploration with a deep appreciation for the world around me.

The Beauty of the Unexpected: Finding Inspiration in the Mundane

One of the things I have realized is that beauty and meaning can be found in even the most mundane of settings. As an artist, I look at the world with a fresh perspective, seeking out details and nuances others might overlook. For example, how light falls on a simple object or how shadows are cast can transform an ordinary scene into something extraordinary.

Pushing Boundaries: The Power of Artistic Exploration

My artistic exploration approach is rooted in this appreciation for the world around me. I am willing to take risks and push boundaries to capture the essence of a scene or idea, and I am always looking for new ways to express myself creatively. Whether working with color, form, or texture, my goal is to create artwork that speaks to people on a deeper level that resonates with them in a way that goes beyond the surface level.

Ultimately, the willingness to explore the beauty and meaning in the world around us sets great artists apart. This sense of curiosity and wonder drives me to push the boundaries of my art and explore new directions. As a result, I am constantly seeking new sources of inspiration, and this willingness to take risks and explore the world around me makes my artwork unique and compelling.


Flowers carry rich symbolism. They are the colorful sculptures of the natural world. Since the ancient civilizations, artists have depicted flowers in various forms of art and design. These delicate plants change throughout the year. As every flower is slightly different, every painting has its slight variations as well. 

I grew up in Mendoza, Argentina, at the foothills of the Andes mountain range. I lived there with full views of wineries, mountains, and a vivid natural landscape. Nature has always been a focus for me. She is my muse: the trees, the rivers, the natural abundance. When the seasons would change the rolling green hills at the base of the mountains would turn orange and yellow and white with flowers. This not only provided powerful inspiration for my early works but stayed with me throughout my artistic career.

When I was 20 I resettled in Kibbutz Karmia, Again I found myself in a beautiful natural setting where once a year every hill and every field would turn a bright red as the scarlet anemones would blossom. After the rainfalls in February, we would celebrate Darom Adom (Red South) with various festivities in the flower fields

All my life flowers have surrounded me. But not just where I live. When traveling in a city, I always take note of the little white blossom pushing it’s a way through the cracks of a sidewalk, or the aromatic purple bloom hanging gently from the end of a branch. They always say ‘stop and smell the roses,’ I say ‘tread slowly for there are flowers everywhere and you can see all kinds of things.’ 

Notes: A Symphony of Color

As an artist, I have the unique job of composing color, light, and energy. When I was only 16, I heard jazz for the first time and have been listening to it ever since. Like a jazz composer, I create art inspired by the world around me. I didn’t study color or drawing. I observed everything in the field of art from Rembrandt to Picasso, Caravaggio, Frank Stella, and Matisse. From each one of those great artists, I learned something in observing them. I learned how to play with shape and movement create a world full of optimism and beauty. It’s simple, very simple. 

All of the things I create are filled with vibrant colors and soul. Just like the music I fill my studio with, soul is base of everything. Soul music incorporates rhythm and blues. There is an emphasis on the intensity of feelings, and this is what I am portraying through the paintings in my collection ‘Notes.’ 

These are special paintings for me, created using exuberant colors dancing across the staff. Once gilded with gold or silver leaf, the wooden or metal panel sits there waiting for the music. I can see the blank space in front of me, and it is devoid of song, wanting a tune to fulfill its destiny. The inspiration comes to me while I am working, not before. So the blank canvas waits for the music to pour out of me. Once we are there, together, at that moment I can tell will this piece become; hot jazz in Chicago, a New York Musical, or maybe Mississippi Rock. Then, and only then, do I get the pleasure of allowing the music to play. 

I started playing with sculpture and pottery at age 13 while I was still living in Mendoza, and I have never stopped playing since. I play with colors. I play with the materials. I play with the explosive movements of sound. I play with joy. I play with jazz. When it comes to ‘Notes,’ I never stop playing.